LE FAWNHAWK label is an exquisitely crafted luxury collection of “living totems' as an extension of Petecia Le Fawnhawk's surreal dreamscapes. We create unique handcrafted pieces that are both stand out and foundational for any wardrobe; pieces that can be worn and cherished forever.
The collection boasts luxury silks, wools and cashmeres of soft desert hues and rich blacks. With impeccable bespoke tailoring and distinct minimal symbolic elements matched with romantically androgynous and timeless silhouettes, reflecting the dichotomy/ duality of LE FAWNHAWK:
FAWN - soft, ethereal, draped, feminine
HAWK - bold, strong, tailored, masculine

On-Demand Method 


We put our soul into each garment while being kind to our environment. Our production is an on-demand method of manufacturing, in which goods are only made to order, instead of in manufacturing large volumes. Every time you shop with us you’re supporting skilled artisans and a more sustainable future. We use the best quality natural fabrics and the highest skilled tailors that create a quality and beauty that will last a lifetime.

Made in USA